Video Email Message from Santa Claus
Send a Personalized Video Email From Santa!

Have Santa Claus send a personalized full screen video email message to the special child in your life.

Your full screen video email message from Santa will be delivered directly to the email box of your choice.

Imagine your child's face when Santa appears on your computer talking to them directly from the North Pole!

Your personalized video email message will reflect the spirit of Christmas and will be given by Santa Claus himself. Children are sure to Love it and Love you for it!

All of our Holiday products are affordable, easy to order, safe and secure.

Custom Personalized Video Email From Santa

Send that special loved one in your life a fully personalized video email from Santa Claus Himself this Christmas.

A personalized video email from Santa Claus will create a memory for your loved one that will last a lifetime. For just $5.99 you can give this unique and special gift this Christmas season. Imagine the look on your loved ones face when he or she receives his or her very own personalized video email from Santa Claus.

Santa Video Email
Santa Has a Message For Your Loved Ones

Your personal video message from Santa will look and sound something like this:
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"Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas (Child's Name)...  It's almost time for Christmas and the elves and I are getting the presents ready for all the good boys and girls around the world. I know that you have been a good (boy/girl) this year and have made your family very proud. I'm happy to tell you that one of my first stops this year will be at your house (child's name), so be sure to go to bed early on Christmas Eve. Remember always be good and don't forget to leave old Santa some milk and cookies. I'll see you soon (child's name) Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas."

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Santa is busy preparing his sleigh for his 2010 Journey around the World. Unfortuantely he will not be available to take any more video email orders for this season. Please visit us in the fall of 2011 when we will be spreading Christmas Cheer once again.

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