Official Proof That Santa Is Real!

Today, it is increasingly difficult to maintain the literally once in a lifetime magical belief in Santa Claus that meant so much to you as a child.

This is where we can help you shine... Santa Evidence Kits, Santa Boot Print Kits and Santa's Official Good List Certificate are guaranteed to create a level of excitement in anticipation of Santa's magical visit to your home this Christmas like never before possible.

The magical belief in Santa happens just once in a lifetime!
Santa Evidence Kit
Santa proof evidence kit is packed with authentic proof of Santa's visit.Santa is real and now you have the evidence to prove it! There comes a time when a everyone just needs a little proof! Well here it is....the official Santa Claus Evidence Kit that proves once and for all that Santa is real and visited your house!

Santa's Boot Print Kit
Santa's Magical Boot Print Kit is designed to remove all doubt in Santa Claus. Seeing is often believing so how can your child possibly doubt Santa Claus after seeing absolute proof of his visit to your house? Each Santa Boot Print Kit comes with everything you need to place authentic Santa tracks throughout your home.

Good List Certificate
Don't let your child's efforts go unnoticed. The official Santa's Good List certificate will prove to your child that Santa Claus is always watching. After a long year of doing his best to make Santa's Good List, recognize those efforts with this very authentic and most prestigious honor. Beautifully designed and printed Official Good List Certificate includes Santa's embossed foil seal.
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